Get the free violin sheet music that I made in the Violinspiration Songbook.

The sheet music of all non-copyrighted music tutorials on this website can be found in this book.

It is extremely easy to read my violin sheet music, since I use a system where you can see on which string you have to play and which finger number. I am constantly updating the songbook with new songs. For each song in the book, I made a Youtube Tutorial in which you can get tips and tricks on practicing the song.

Please note that I this book used to be a huge book full of music, but I had to take most of the songs out of the book because of copyright issues. I am very sorry to say that I can’t send you the sheet music of popular songs anymore.

Luckily, there are still a lot of uncopyrighted songs that are a lot of fun to play! 😄 Some of the songs that you can find in this book are Scarborough Fair, Happy Birthday, Ode to Joy, What Child Is This & many more

You can download the sheet music here right now.

If you have any trouble while trying to download the sheet music, read the following FAQ: How to download the Violinspiration Songbook

If you are not sure how to read sheet music, make sure to read the advice I wrote down below.

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How to Read Violin Sheet Music for Beginners

The first step, for reading violin sheet music, is making sure that you put 3 markers or stickers on your violin. These are the places where you will put down your fingers later. Here can find an explanation on how to put stickers on your violin.

Below, you will see an example of one of the pieces of violin sheet music I wrote down for you.

VIolin Sheet Music

As you see, below the notes, you can see a letter. This letter can be E, A, D and G. Some of you might already know, that these are the strings of the violin. These letters respresent the string you will be playing on.

Above the notes, you will see numbers. These numbers represent which finger you have to put on the string. If the number is zero, it means that you will have to play an open string.

For the other fingers, you can check the picture below, which finger represents which number. The thumbs doesn’t have a number, because we use the thumb to hold the violin.

The first sticker will be for the first finger, the second for the second finger and the third for the third finger. If you have watched the video where Allison explains where to put your stickers: the green dot is for the first finger, the orange one for the second and the blue one for the third finger.

With these three markers and the first three fingers you are able to play all violin sheet music of the “Beginners” section of the book.

Finger Numbers Violin Sheet Music

Let’s go back to our example one time. We see that the song starts with on an A string (A) with no fingers on it (0). This means, you will have to play the open A string. For the second note, there is no new string written down. This means we will stay on the A string. The second note is the 3th finger on the A string.

There is also a fourth finger (the pinky finger) that you will learn to use when you progress in your playing. For now, just learn to play with the first, second and third finger. Believe me, that’s already quite a challenge in the beginning!

Get your free Violinspiration Songbook

and get free motivational e-mail and updates in your inbox
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