Star Wars – Cantina Band Violin Tutorial

This week we will learn how to play the song Cantina Band on the violin.

This song is quite challenging, and is meant for higher intermediate violin players. It can be incredibly fun to play this song for other people. Playing this song in public normally results in one of these two effects:
1. People love you instantly
2. People run away

Try it for yourself and see what your friends think of this song. :)

Star Wars – Cantina Band Violin Sheet Music

You can find the sheet music for the Cantina Band violin tutorial in the Violinspiration Songbook. Here you can also find sheet music of many other songs that you might enjoy playing.

Star Wars – Cantina Band violin tutorial

In this tutorial I mainly explain which notes you have to play. For this, make sure to watch the video above.

Playing short notes


Cantina Band star wars tutorial

The song Cantina Band starts with notes with dots. The notes with the dots are played very shortly.

Playing Glissando

Cantina Band Violin Tutorial
You can watch the following video if you want to learn how to play glissando:

An alternative way to play this part is by playing very quick notes on the upper part of your bow. It is not Glissando, but sounds fun and is easier if you are not playing the violin for a very long time.

I hope you had fun with this tutorial. If you have any suggestions of tutorials I should upload in the coming time, let me know! Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.


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