My Heart Will Go On Violin Tutorial (Titanic)

This week I uploaded a My Heart Will Go On violin tutorial. Having two parents as music teachers, I heard this song so often that I thought it would be an annoying song to most people. Though, lately one of my violin students told me that this was one of the songs she always wanted to learn!
Since I know that “my heart will go on” is a really great beginners song for violinists, it motivated me to also make a tutorial for you!

My Heart Will Go On Violin Sheet Music

You can find the sheet music for the My Heart Will Go On violin tutorial in the Violinspiration Songbook. (You don’t have to actually be able to read notes to read my simplified sheet music).

My Heart Will Go On Violin Tutorial

Legato Bowing

This song is perfect for practicing legato bowing. Because legato bowing is a challenging skill to learn, I decided to write another article this week that is just covering legato bowing. I would recommend you to watch the legato bowing video along with this video to and apply the techniques I teach there in this song.

Second fingers

In this specific song you will play a high second finger on the A string and a low second finger on the E string.

23d Bar

my heart will go on violin tutorial with sheet music
On the 23d bar you will encounter a small run (2-1-0 on the A string). You have two options to deal with this run
1. Leave the run out. Instead of the run, you can also play a first finger during the whole 23d bar
2. Take the challenge and practice it! Slur all the notes in the 23th bar, to make it easier to play the notes quickly. Also, slurring the 23d bar sounds much better!

I hope you enjoyed learning “My Heart Will Go On” on violin!

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