I love meeting members of this site in person. It’s nice to write online – but it is even better to meet in person! So don’t feel shy to contact me and let me know when you are around :)

If you’re visiting Berlin and can come to my living area in Wedding, we can either meet at a local cafe to talk, walk around in a park & play some music outside if the weather allows us to, or even join a local jam session together :)

I live close to U-bahn station Rehberge, so my neighborhood is easily accessible by public transport.

Just write me an email, tell me something about yourself, let me know when you are around in town and possibly also why you’d like to meet.

So if you are planning a trip to Berlin, and you would like to meet me, let me know! If I am around in Berlin (and not crazy busy) I am probably up for it.

Please let me know in advance when you are visiting. A week’s notice would be ideal. I can usually be pretty flexible on the meetup times.

If you are around in Berlin, you can of course also book a regular violin lesson with me. This will cost 40$ for a 1 hour lesson.

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