Love Yourself Violin Tutorial – Justin Bieber

This week I made a Justin Bieber – Love Yourself violin tutorial. This song is in the charts for a very long time already and has been covered by quite some youtube violinists. I decided to make a Love Yourself violin tutorial for all of you that might also like to cover this song, or just play it for yourself at home

Justin Bieber – Love Yourself Violin Sheet Music

You can find the sheet music for the Love Yourself violin tutorial in the Violinspiration Songbook. (You don’t have to actually be able to read notes to read my simplified sheet music).

Justin Bieber – Love Yourself violin tutorial


The hardest part of this song is to get the rhythm right. The best tip I can give you, is just to listen the song very often! Also, I think it can be fun to feel free to express the song a little bit different than it might have been sung on the radio. So even if you don’t get the rhythm perfectly right, still it can sound really great on violin

High thirds

Realise that all the third fingers are high thirds in this song! Make sure to play the third finger next to the 4th finger.

Anchor fingering

If you have a look at your sheet music, you will see that this song mostly uses 5 notes: all the fingers on the D-string and the open A-string. There is not a lot of variation in the notes in Love Yourself. We mainly stay on the D string.

This makes this piece an excellent piece for using a lot anchor fingering.

So, like I explained before in the Amazing Grace tutorial: when the notes of the song are going upwards (for instance in the first beat), make sure to keep your fingers on the string. This means that if you are playing the 3th finger, you will also keep the first and second finger on the string.

You can apply the same principle for the rest of the song. If you would like to read more about anchor fingering, you can have a look at the Amazing Grace tutorial.

Part B – Fast run

The hardest part you will encounter in the B part of the song (bar 17-28) is the quick run at the beginning of the b part.

Justin Bieber Love Yourself Violin Tutorial with Sheet Music

If this run is hard for you too, make sure to practice this run separately. In the end of the run, keep the 3th finger on the D string when you are playing the first finger on the A string. In this way it gets easier to play quick and in tune.

If you notice that you have problems with string changing (for instance when you get squeaky sounds), you could have look at the string changing exercises of the La Vie en Rose tutorial. These exercises are really helpful for this song too.

I wish you a lot of fun with the Love Yourself violin tutorial and I look forward to see you next week for the next violin tutorial.

Thank you for learning with my Justin Bieber – Love Yourself violin tutorial.

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