London Bridge is Falling Down Violin Tutorial

London Bridge is Falling Down is a fun song to play on violin. It is perfect for beginning violinists, so if you are just starting out, this is the perfect song to start practicing right now!

London Bridge is Falling Down Violin Sheet Music

You can find the sheet music for the London Bridge is Falling Down violin tutorial in the Violinspiration Songbook.

London Bridge is Falling Down violin tutorial

A few tips

If you are a beginner, you might face the following challenges when you are learning how to play this song:

1. Your third finger doesn’t move fast enough to be played rhythmically in the first and fifth bar.
You can solve this problem by already placing the finger before you are actually playing the note. You can find more information about this so called anchor fingering in the Amazing Grace violin tutorial of mine.

2. You hear squeaky sounds when you are changing strings or hit two strings at the same time
These are all problems that can be solved by practicing string changing seperately.. You can find more information and string changing exercises in the tutorial I made about the song “La Vie en Rose”.

3. You can’t get the rhythm right at the part with the triplets
London Bridge is Falling Down violin tutorial with sheet music
In the 13th bar of this piece, you will see notes that are grouped in a bracket with a number above. These notes are called triplets. To overcome this problem, try listen to the original music (as I played it in the beginning of the tutorial) as often as possible. After that, you can try to sing the notes. If you are able to sing the rhythm correctly, it will be much easier to play the correct rhythm on the violin.

The last tip I want to give to you, is that normally when you are starting out playing the violin, most problems occur because you are practicing too fast. Make sure to practice the notes so slowly, that you aren’t making any mistakes anymore. Only when you are able to play the whole song correctly, speed up the tempo. This might mean that you are practicing extremely slowly at first.

Good luck!

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