La Vie en Rose Violin Tutorial

Jay, this week I am happy to share another new lesson with you: a La Vie en Rose violin tutorial.

I personally really love the song la vie en rose. One day I was just listening this song over and over again, for about an hour, because I loved the way one girl was singing this on youtube!

A few weeks ago, I saw some comments under youtube videos that people would like to learn this song and that inspired me to play this song myself. This la vie en rose violin tutorial is for all those people that feel as excited about this song as I do! :)

Playing la vie en rose on violin can be quite tricky at some parts, but with some extra effort it is still doable for violinists that just started out with playing the violin.

La Vie en Rose Violin Sheet Music

You can find the simplified sheet music for La Vie en Rose in the violinspiration songbook.
Now, let’s get started with this La Vie en Rose violin tutorial

La Vie en Rose Violin Tutorial

String changing

One of the trickiest assets of this particular song, is that we are changing strings literally all the time! Especially if you are relatively new to playing the violin, it can be quite tricky to change strings so often. In the beginning, it is hard to have a precise sense of at which level each string is. That’s why many starting violinists have problems with playing one string at the time in the beginning.

Even though this makes the song tricky, I think it is a great opportunity for you to get better at string changing! Getting better at string changing will help you só much with learning almost any song on the violin. This is really one of those techniques that once you get better at it, you will make a massive progress on your playing. So if you are having a hard time with string changing, don’t give up!

Here are some pre-exercises you can do to get better at string changing.

1. Open strings exercise

The open string exercise looks really simple, but can be quite challenging to play flawless!

In basic playing position, play one notes on a string, then pause for a beat. During the break, stop the bow and keep the bow on the string. Quickly and silently rotate the bow over to the next string. Make sure not to move your elbow outwards with this movement. Your upper arm is parallel to your bow and your elbow at a right angle.

La Vie en Rose Violin Tutorial String Changing Exercises

After that, try to do the same exercise, but this time without breaks. Try to make the string changing soundless.

La Vie en Rose Violin Tutorial String Changing Exercises

2. String changing scale

This exercise is actually made by one of my students! He was really struggling with string changing and started to do this exercise at home to work on his finger placement. Also he wanted how to change strings without squeaking. After practicing this scale about 10 minutes for 3 weeks, he got really good at it. He was so happy about his progress that he told me to share this exercise with all of my students. So here I am sharing this scale with all of you:

La Vie en Rose Violin Tutorial String Changing Exercises

After that, you can repeat this exercise on other strings, to get comfortable changing strings on the lower strings too:

La Vie en Rose Violin Tutorial String Changing Exercises:

General tips with string changing

Some general tips for getting better at string changing in the song La Vie en Rose are:
1. Always stop the bow in between the notes you are playing.
2. The only movement you are making with changing strings, is moving your hand up- and downwards.
3. Practice slowly. It is so much smarter to practice slowly and practice rightly, then to make mistakes with string changing all the time and to get used to making mistakes.
4. Practice one bar at a time

The only thing that you need to do to get better at string changing is practice this regularly. Maybe you won’t notice you are getting better after practicing this a 100 times, but if you do this over and over and over again, I promise you that at once you will get it! And then you really made a massive step in your violin playing.

Second fingers

Almost all second fingers in this song are low second fingers. There is just one high second finger and that’s the one on the G string. Make sure to place your second finger right next to the first finger. There is almost no space between the first and the second finger.

I hope this La Vie en Rose violin tutorial helped you with some parts of this fun song. If you have any other helpful tips that other violinists might want to know about, I would be happy if you share them in the comments below!

See you next week for another fun violin tutorial. :)


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