El Condor Pasa Violin Tutorial

In this El Condor Pasa Violin Tutorial you will learn how to play El Condor Pasa on the violin.

This week I made a tutorial of a special request that I got from Harry who wanted to learn how to play El Condor Pasa.

I really liked to make a tutorial of this song, because I loved to listen to this song when I was in highschool. When I was about 16 years old I travelled to Poland with my boyfriend at that time. When I was visiting Warszawa, the capital city of Poland, I got to meet a busker who played Native American music on a beautiful wooden flute in the middle of the center. At that time I had never seen anything like that, so I was really excited to get to know this new style of music! I got his CD and back home I listened to it very often when I went sleeping, since the very repetitive music works so calming for me.

I think this is one of the biggest powers of music: to help us connect to certain emotions and states of mind. Music can help us to become quiet inside of our minds and can help us to connect to a peaceful state within ourselves. This song did that for me and I hope it will do this for you too.

El Condor Pasa Violin Tutorial

El Condor Pasa Violin Sheet Music

Before you start watching or reading the tutorial, make sure to download the sheet music first. You can find the sheet music and the explanation on how to read the notes in the Violinspiration Songbook. (You don’t have to actually be able to read notes to read my simplified sheet music).

Now, let’s get started with the El Condor pasa violin tutorial :)

The first note

The first note of El Condor Pasa, is and upbow and should be played with an upbow. I explain in detail what an upbeat is and why we normally play upbeats with an upbow, in my Amazing Grace violin tutorial.

The high ánd low first finger

El Condor Pasa Violin Tutorial with Sheet Music

The first bar of El Condor Pasa is one if the trickier bars of the piece. As you see we are playing the first finger 3 times in a row, but we are changing from a high first finger, to a low first finger and to a high first finger again. Pretty challenging, isn’t it?

We will do this, by shifting our first finger downwards after the first note and upwards again after the second note. Make sure to stop the bow between each note and shifting áfter you stopped the bow, so that you don’t hear any sliding tones.

Anchor Fingering

In this piece, you can find a lot of anchor fingers. Anchor fingers are fingers you hold into place. We use anchor fingers when playing the violin to improve our intonation and playing speed. There are a few places where we encounter anchor finger in the piece:

  • The 1st and 7th bar: make sure to hold the first finger into place when playing the second finger and the first ánd second finger into place when you play the third finger.
  • The 2nd, 3th, 8th & 9th bar: keep the first finger on the string when you are playing the third finger.
  • 4th, 10th & 20th bar: Keep the last 3th finger on the string until you played the third finger on the bar afterwards
  • 13th & 17th bar: Hold the 3th finger into place.

Playing 16th notes

In the 5th, 11th and 21st bar you will find some quick notes. If you have any problems with playing these notes fast, make sure to:
1. Put your 3th finger into place the bar before (anchoring your third finger, like described in the paragraph above)
2. Practice just the string changing without playing the actual notes

The high third finger

El Condor Pasa Violin Tutorial

Although this song normally consists out of regular, low 3th fingers, you will find high 3th fingers in the second part of the song. Make sure to play a 3th finger directly under the regular 4th finger. There won’t be any space between your 4th and 3th finger.

I hope you enjoyed reading this El Condor Pasa violin tutorial. Do you have any requests yourself for violin tutorials? Let me know and I will try to make a tutorial with sheet music for you!


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