3 Pop Song Tutorials for Violinists

As a violinist, we are used to play a lot of classical music. Though, pop songs can sound AWESOME on violin! Here are 3 pop songs that you can be rocking on your violin! 1. Faded – Alan Walker Although this isn’t the first song you would think of when you will pick up your […]

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5 Jokes only violinists will understand

If you understand these jokes, you are probably pretty good at playing the violin! 1 Via rockthecello.wordpress.com 2 Via dailyvowelmovements.com 3 Via┬áblogger.com 4 # Via musicnotes.com 5 Via iwastesomuchtime.com   Get My Free Sheet Music Book for Beginners Download the Violinspiration Songbook and get the sheet music from all non-copyrighted tutorials on this website. Get […]

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