3 Violin Tutorials for Beginners

Here are the first free 3 tutorials I ever made for violinists online. The video quality isn’t that good and to be honest I felt quite weird filming myself doing this! I hope that it can help some of you anyway with learning your first songs. For absolute beginners, I would suggest to start with Au […]

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5 Jokes only violinists will understand

If you understand these jokes, you are probably pretty good at playing the violin! 1 Via rockthecello.wordpress.com 2 Via dailyvowelmovements.com 3 Via blogger.com 4 # Via musicnotes.com 5 Via iwastesomuchtime.com   Violinspiration Mail Thank you! You have successfully subscribed to Violinspiration Mail. Violinspiration Mail Violinspiration mail will motivate YOU to practice the violin with tips & […]

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Jazz Violin Tutorial: How to play Summertime on the Violin

Welcome to this new jazz violin tutorial: summertime! In this jazz violin tutorial you will learn how to play Summertime on the Violin. Firstly, I explain all the notes that are being played in Summertime. You can also download the sheet music of Summertime in the Violinspiration Songbook (see the link to the sheet music […]

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