My Heart Will Go On Violin Tutorial (Titanic)

This week I uploaded a My Heart Will Go On violin tutorial. Having two parents as music teachers, I heard this song so often that I thought it would be an annoying song to most people. Though, lately one of my violin students told me that this was one of the songs she always wanted to learn! Since I […]

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From Dream to Reality

Susan started to play the violin when she had 2 children in diapers AND went to University at the same time. She already played the guitar and the tin whistle at that time, but when one day someone with a fiddle walked in at one of her jamsessions, she remembered one her old dream in […]

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Legato Bowing on Violin Tutorial

Legato Bowing on the Violin Tutorial

Legato bowing on violin is playing musical notes smoothly and connected. If you are playing legato, you are playing connected melodic lines without any space or interruption between the notes. Being able to play a beautiful legato tone on violin can make a huge difference in the quality of your playing. Legato playing is a skill that you can keep […]

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